I am an astronomer currently working as the Science Data Officer for the Science Mission Directorate of NASA. Previously, I’ve managed the teams maintaining the calibration software for the Hubble Space Telescope and building the calibration software for the Webb Space Telescope and Roman Space Telescope. Before that, I spent 11 years working as the Data Manager for the Southern African Large Telescope at the South African Astronomical Observatory. I was a founding member of the Astropy Project, a scientific editor for the AAS Journals specializing in software and machine learning, and a member of the .Astronomy brain trust.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in Astronomy and a Bachelors of the Arts in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Virginia. My main research areas are exploring populations of galaxies in galaxy clusters and observational cosmology. Along with my main research, I have also contributed to a wide range of observational studies including near-earth asteroids, exoplanets, supernova, and kilanova. Over this period, I have spent over 100 nights observing on telescopes ranging in aperture from 2.5 cm to 11m. In addition, I enjoy exploring how new technology can be used to improve the scientific process of discovery and how we can make science more open and inclusive.

Away from work, I spend my time running, playing Ultimate Frisbee, reading, traveling, and hiking. I live in Baltimore with my partner and our dog, Tycho.

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