Halley's Comet

Peter Cole recently posted that Haley’s Comet had reached aphelion and was beginning its return to the inner solar system. This reminded me of one of my earliest astronomy memories.

I was standing outside in our backyard in suburban New Jersey on a cold, wintry night when I was 8 years old looking for Halley’s Comet. With the help of my Mom, we pointed the small, refractor telescope that I had gotten that Christmas around the sky until we had found the comet.

I obviously always had an early interest in astronomy, but at that time, I had no idea where that would lead or where I would be at now. But I really appreciate my Mom standing outside in the backyard while we looked for Halley’s Comet on that cold night.

I hope I will have another chance to observe it again in 2061.

Written on December 13, 2023